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In the 21st century, continuous technological innovations will be required due to rapid technological changes and unlimited competition. It will be a period of unlimited technological competitiveness and we must deal with these changes actively to survive.

Since our establishment in 2004, RF Window developed and commercialized CDMA ICS repeaters for the first time in the world.

We’re not simply satisfied with this achievement, therefore we are continuously exerting ourselves to step up in order to become the world’s best company with internal stability and competitiveness in the mobile communication device field.
Most of all, we are developing all our energy to establish a dynamic business structure and organization to create new possibilities which surpasses the limits in the mobile communication business.

For this, we will consolidate our existing business structure first, actively develop new business in the ubiquitous field and reinforce our global marketing to step up as a world-class IT company.

We will also reinforce our R&D and discover talents to become the best IT company with core technologies. All our executives and employees together are committed to establish a corporate culture which pursues the vision of organization and individual harmony enabling us to become a new powerful company in the global mobile communication market.

We ask you to keep your eyes on RF Window which will step up as the company of higher value as well as the company that helps customers to be successful through these efforts, and we will continuously do our best to achieve remarkable growth and developments which will meet and exceed your expectation.

We would like to thank you again for your continuous supports and interest.