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12. Take office New President(JONG-YOON KWAK)
05. Registration Patent No. 10-1626864(Distributed Antenna System with Multi-Drop Channel)
11. Be awarded Prime Minister Prize “Radio-Broadcasting New Technology”
09. Headquarter move out to Indeogwon
11. Be awarded "IBK Trade Tower - Bronze"
07. Take office New President(Gil-Nam Kang)
06. Be Awarded IR52 “Jang Yeong-Sil Sang” Prize_Ministry of science ICT and future planning
05. Selection of Customized Technology Development Project
04. Be Awarded “Special Thank you for procurement” to NTT DOCOMO
03. Join the 5G Forum
02. Becoming a member of TTA(Telecommunications technology association)
01. Finished development and got purchase order from Japan’s main communications operator
       (2.1GHz, 800MHz), 50 Million USD
05. Received an order OLED remodeled production facilites from BOE - 1.1 Milion USD
07. Released new products "WiNCO-LX(2.1G,800M)
07. Established RF Window Taiwan
11. Received a new technology of radio broadcasting prize of minister from Ministry of Science,
       ICT and Future Planning
07. Successfully penetrate Middle East market-Achieved 3 Million USD exportation
04. Global IT CEO Award
08. Released new products “CoCoKnot(indoor), VE+(outdoor)
01. Certificate of venture corporation obtained by SMB (Replacement)
06. Certified Environmental Management System (Replacement)
06. Selected Certified for INNO-BIZ by SMBA (Replacement)
01. Completed delivery of previous major operator in Japan
03. Certified IDA Communication Equipment (Singapore)
06. Awarded “DCM Best Partner” prize (Replacement)
02. Received the “IR52 Jang Young-Sil” Award
02. Developed/established Pico-cast
04. Established 2nd Dangjin Factory
06. Received the “Global Standard Management” Grand Prize
12. Accreditation as TL 9000 Certification Body (Replacement)
01. Established RF Window Japan
06. Selected and Certified for INNO-BIZ by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration)
08. Moved and Expanded Head Office
08. Selected for the Red Herring Asia top 100
10. Established Dangjin Factory / RFW Global
11. Received the Tower of Export $700,000,000 Award
05. ICS-W20 Trail for commercialization passed (SKT)
06. Certified Environmental Management System, ISO14001 by KAB
06. Certified RSC-W30-34A for Japan by Telec
08. ICS repeaters orientation Japan
10. Extended Certificate of venture corporation obtained by SMB
12. Had proclamation of vision ceremony
04. ICS-C20 Trial for commercialization passed (SKT,25MHz)
06. Certificate of Excellent Quality (Agency for Technology and standard, MOCIE)
09. Excellent Korea Technology (NET mark) awarded
12. Accreditation as TL 9000 Certification Body
12. BABT (British Approvals Board for Telecommunications) CE
04. WN Solution founded
07. The attached R&D Center established (KOITA reg, No.20041764)
08. Passed SKT (5MHz) ICS function approval test
10. Certificate of venture corporation obtained by SMB
11. Changed registered name from WN Solution to RF Window
11. Excellent Technology Award (KOTEC)
12. Digital Innovation Award “Grand Prix” 2004